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With our roots in the North West, Crystal Sound and Light Ltd. is a major contributor in the retail, installation and hire of theatre and stage supplies in the UK.

From generic dimming to LED systems, curtain track to seating stands, disco equipment to stage and sound equipment for festivals, we pride ourselves on offering a knowledgeable and expert service to our clients.

Crystal Sound and Light Ltd. are capable of undertaking all sized tasks from the hire of a single lantern to the installation of a complete theatrical system.

We also offer CASTE (Crystal Annual Servicing of Theatrical Equipment).


Our focus at Crystal Sound and Light Ltd. is providing real commitment to our customers, believing that satisfied customers are fundamental to our growth and sustainability. It is this commitment to providing outstanding customer service & ensuring that the needs of our customers are fully met by our approachable and knowledgeable team that sets Crystal apart from our competitors.

At Crystal Sound and Light Ltd. we supply, install, maintain and/or hire high quality lighting, sound and audio visual equipment at affordable prices. Our skilled and motivated team are dedicated to providing a professional service, completing tasks on time and to a high specification, in a friendly manner.

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PAUL - Managing Director

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Collage 2021-01-11 11_53_37.jpg

MIKE - General Manager

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MICHAEL - SCRO Technician

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